INTERESTING FACTS About me, your favorite the photographer….

I'm a Wife and mother of five beautiful children. A Pet lover and owner of an English Mastiff, Samson. Lover of all things chocolate, die hard fan of Game Of Thrones and The Walking Dead! I must admit I enjoy indulging myself in gritty historical movies and laughing uncontrollable until my sides crack.

What's the boldest thing you've EVER done?

Well, for starters the husband and I decided to take the plunge in following our dreams of traveling around the world. Two weeks before our daughter was scheduled to start her student exchange in Czech Republic, we made the leap of faith to sell everything we own and what we couldn't sell, we gave away. 

Yes of course everyone thought we were crazy and at some point believed we were not from this world (Take me to your leader.) Our first stop was Montreal. Yup, somehow I allowed my husband to convince me that driving to Montreal would be a great idea, yeah right. It was a very long ride, one I thought that would never end.

At some point, we made it on over to South America. No, I wasn’t crazy enough to allow my husband to suckering me into driving to Medellin, Colombia. The initial plan was to stay there for 1-2 months, but got there in absolutely fell in love with the city as well as the people. We were blessed to live in Medellin for 6 months! The kids picked up the language pretty well and found themselves having to translate for us. When I first arrived my Spanish was about 000.1% and now I can happy say I can hold a descent broken conversation in Spanish probably at a score of 10%. That’s sure is a long way from 000.1% in Spanish. After giving everything away and setting our hearts on traveling more. Well, the 17 year old daughter decides she wants to finish school in Fernandina. So, we're back in Fernandina and trying to track down all the folks we gave our stuff away to! :-)

BananaJam Photography is an Fernandina Beach based photography studio, traveling in and around the Amelia Island, Jacksonville and surrounding areas to document cherished moments in the lives of children and families through photography. 

BananaJam Photography's images have been showcased and passed around the world, as they continue to innovate and reinvent their creative style. Kim Ross of BananaJam Photography has worked with everyone from models and fashion designers, to newborns, children, high school seniors, families and couples.

When asked about her style, Kim states,

“We're not your typical studio photographer... I believe the best shots happen outside the studio. People want photographs that are unique to them and their family and you can't capture that in a studio setting -- which is why we try to encourage our clients to choose a place that has meaning to them." 

If you’re looking for a photographer who’ll take their time to get the photographs that capture the true essence of who you are, then give me a call and let’s discuss what you’re looking for.

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