Frequently Asked Questions

When should I schedule my session?

Permitting we have the date available, you can schedule your session any time you want to, even if it's a year in advance!

What happens if it rains the day of our shoot?
If it rains on the day of your shoot, we can reschedule for the following day. I know, you're probably saying to yourself how is this possible wouldn't you have other clients to serve? Well, it's easy...we never schedule clients everyday back to back. We like to allow for days we like to call "fall back days." If it rains on the day of your session the following day is available to photograph you and your family. If it's just a little gloomy, we can often still shoot outdoors without any problem what-so-ever. In fact, I prefer cloudy days…cloudy coverage makes the best photographs! Even if it rains 30 minutes prior to your session it's quite ok because the rain showers blesses us with even more beautiful lighting.

What happens if my child freaks out?
This is completely normal fear and we get it! Oh and did I tell you that we have 5 kids. Kids are unpredictable and sometimes temper tantrums can be inevitable. When this happens, we will simply take a little break to allow your child to calm down by talking/feeding/playing and ten take the appropriate steps to easing back into the session. We will never force photos or send you on your way. ( I often like meeting with clients before their photo shoot ESPECIALLY kids. By meeting your child before the actual photo shoot does help your child to relax during the actual shoot. On the day of the shoot; your child is comfortable with me and I'm no longer considered too much of a stranger, lol. I will often bribe your babies with treats.) ;-)

How long does a session last?
Most sessions last about 60-90 minutes, but there’s no set time limit. We will play and shoot (and bribe!) for as long as we need to, until I know that I have a great variety of images for you. Please know you'll never feel like you're being rushed during our photo session! The best part, we never schedule portrait sessions back to back!

Can I share the photos on social media?

Absolutely, We love it when our photographs are shared! We just ask that you don't crop our logo and that you link to our webpage or blog when possible. You will be supplied with web ready images to share with your friend and family.

How long do I have to choose my pictures after the session?
About two-three weeks after your session, we'll contact you to schedule a time and day for you to view your photographs in person. If you're vacationing on here on the Island, we'll do every effort for you to view your images before you leave. If not, we'll schedule a join me session that will allow you to view the photographs from your portrait session.

Do you offer mini sessions?

At the current time mini sessions are not offered. We firmly believe mini sessions are rushed and doesn't allow time for the photographer to connect with clients.  

Do you travel?
Absolutely, please contact me directly to discuss your needs.

Do you give discounts for referrals?
Absolutely! If you send a client our way and they book a session, we'll give you $150 print credit towards you next session with us!

What happens if I'm not completely satisfied with my photographs?
At NO additional charge to you, I will retake your photographs in effort to fix whatever problem. If I'm still unable to win you over with tears of joy, I will refund 100% of the money you invested with me to take your photographs!

*People are booking in advance of tourist season. Call now or fill out the form below to schedule your planned dates. Limited Availability.

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Gina Haynes

Gina Haynes // Client


"What a wonderful experience! I've always wanted to do a beach photo shoot and Kim met all of my expectations. She made the whole process fun and I had a blast!

To prepare for the shoot, she helped me sort through numerous outfits to pick out color coordinated beach appropriate clothing. She even gave me sun exposure advice in order to avoid sunburn on picture day. We met late afternoon/early evening to take advantage of the natural lighting.

My boyfriend was not into posing (huge understatement) so we just did candid shots. I laughed until my cheeks hurt. Kim did such an amazing job! Our pictures were excellent and I am more than satisfied with the finished product.

Kim developed a photo album which is my favorite. It's such high quality and tells our story. I love it! I would definitely recommend Kim with BananaJam Photography."

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