I'm a Jesus lover walking in God's love, Power, and Authority. I'm a wife and mother of five beautiful children. Someone asked not too long ago what's the most adventurously thing I've ever done. We once sold everything we owned to travel around the world, while our 16 year old daughter went to Czech Republic as an exchange student for her junior high school year. We found ourselves in Medillin, Colombia and didn't want to leave, something that was suppose to have been 1-2 months turned into 8 months. 

I'm a pet lover, owner to an English Mastiff named Samson. I'm a lover to all things chocolate, foodie of awesome cuisine, and die hard fan of Game of Thrones.

“We're not your typical studio photographer... I believe the best shots happen outside the studio. People want photographs that are unique to them and their family and you can't capture that in a studio setting -- which is why we try to encourage our clients to choose a place that has meaning to them." 

If you’re looking for a photographer who’ll take their time to get the photographs that capture the true essence of who you are, then give me a call and let’s discuss what you’re looking for.

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