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Fernandina Photographer Photographs Beautiful Engagement Session

I had the great pleasure of photographing such an amazing engagement session for such a lovely couple! I was over joyed to photograph this amazing engagement session. I must admit, I had one heck of a time to have an opportunity to capture such a special event!


Fernandina Beach Engagement photographer


What’s so special about this shoot? Well, this was actually my niece! I can’t believe this girl is getting married! When you’re hire me as your photographer, I’ll be even more excited to capture special memories for you as well! Please call me now! 904-321-6532


Fernandina beach photographer


There were so many great shots from the session, I wish I could share them all! I’m now scheduling and accepting new clients! Please call to schedule your next portrait session with me! 904-321-6532


amelia island photography engagement photos

photographer fernandina beach photography

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Amelia Island Photographer

I was ecstatic to receive the call to photograph a young lady turning 80 years old! This one young momma’s daughters wanted to surprise her and do something different. I must say we had a BLAST! I still can’t believe this young lady is 80 years old!






When was the last time you’ve done something special for your loved one? Call today and let’s schedule a surprise portrait session!

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Fernandina Beach Family Photographer

I had the great pleasure of photographing this awesome family during their stay here in Amelia Island. We had a blast and I truly enjoyed photography Caroline!




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Fernandina Beach/Amelia Island Photographer

There’s nothing more rewarding than photographing happy, energetic children who’s full of life. Ava’s energy was contagious! This young beautiful is absolutely gorgeous! What do you think?


Let’s not forget about the adorable McKenzie just look at that face and those cheeks! Mckenzie is absolutely adorable and one sweet baby! She’s definitely a diva in training.


This portrait session took place in Fernandina Beach, FL the beautiful Amelia Island.



Amelia Island/Fernandina Beach Photographer now accepting new clients. Call now to schedule your next beach portrait with BananaJam Photography. When you schedule in the month of May, receive a $50 print credit and (2) 11×14 prints.

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Beautiful Family, Amelia Island FL Beach Portraits

The McLucas family, they’re fun, full of excitement and of course they’re just a beautiful family! I must say, I truly enjoyed photographing this lovely family. I know, I know…. I say this about ALL my clients! I must say, this family stood out the most. I absolutely LOVE what Katie pulled together for the family to wear in just one day!


Dunnon looks like a movie star! What do you think? This beautiful and fun session was taken place in the fabulous Amelia Island on the beach. It wasn’t too warm and it wasn’t too cool just perfect weather.


My goodness…Look at all that cuteness!

Now scheduling beach portraits! Your Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island Photographer is available! Call now to schedule 904-321-6532!
When you schedule with me in the month of May, receive a $50 credit plus (2) 11×14 prints!

You may book this month and use the $50 photo credit and the (2) 11×14 prints at anytime! Call now 904-321-6532.

Amelia Island Photographer

Well, it will be one year on 23rd of July since we decided to move to Amelia Island, FL. When my husband first threw out the idea of moving to Amelia Island, I thought he was crazy! Nearly three years my husband pushed and pushed about moving to Amelia Island until one day I said, let’s do it!

We practically sold everything, and within two months we were here, living in Amelia Island, FL. To be honest, I was a nervous and soon to begin to second guess about whether or not I made the right decision agreeing to move here. I must say, I truly enjoy living here. Believe it or not, there’s plenty to do here and we have some of the best restaurants here on this small Island. Living here, is like Mayberry on an Island. 🙂

At any rate, or the most part I love it here! The only thing that truly bothers me living here is being getting behind the FL drivers, it’s so painful!

You guys have to understand, I’ve lived in Atlanta practically all my life. When you’re on the highways of 85, 75 and 285 it’s either drive or die.

What makes this moves even better being blessed enough to meet so many amazing clients and photographing clients right on the beach! I truly love what I do!

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Beach Portraits Amelia Island Photographer

After vacationing here in Amelia Island, my husband said let’s move there! I must be honest, the first time my husband ever mentioned anything about moving to Amelia Island, I thought to myself  “this man has completely lost his mind!”

Fast forwarding three years later we’re here. I must say I love it here. Not to mention, we live only 4 minutes from the beach. What’s more exciting, I’m blessed with so many clients who enjoy the beach just as much as my husband does. 😉

The next time you’re visiting the Fernandina Beach. or Amelia Island schedule a beach portrait session with me!

When you schedule a beach portrait with me in the month of May, you’ll receive a $50 print credit and (2) 11×14 prints!


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Fernandina Beach FL Engagement

resizedIMG_3047It isn’t often I accept clients wanting to have engagement portraits taken. All I can say is, I’m glad I did. This beautiful young couple were full of energy and we had a blast! The shoot was originally scheduled to be photographed downtown Fernandina Beach FL. Of course, silly me being new to the area didn’t realize it was Shrimp Fest weekend. If you haven’t heard about Shrimp Fest, I suggest you look it up for yourself! The traffic was unbearable, so we had no other choice, but to change the location. To be honest, I’m so glad we did!


Congratulation Sarah and Rob!


Sarah said YES!!


For a limited of time, I’m accepting engagement portrait sessions! Please call now to schedule your engagement session! 904-321-6532!

Amelia Island Photography Session with Haley

Shot on location on Amelia Island, Florida … We selected her dress and styled this beautiful darling for this amazing shot … Let us do the same for you and your family!


haley-fernandina beach-portraits

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Fernandina Beach Photography Session

Just moved to Amelia Island and decided to go out and search for some unique locations to create some amazing portraits … Take a look and see what I came back with…

Fernandina Beach Photographer

Fernandina Beach Photography

Amelia Island Photography

If you’re in need of a professional photographer, please give me a call … I’m new to the area and would welcome the opportunity to do a portrait session with you and/or your family.

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