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Photography Coaching and Mentoring Services Available

With over 12 years of Photography experience and 7 years of running my own Professional Photography business there's so much I've learned and I'm extremely excited about sharing the information with you!

10 years ago when I decided to turn my dream into a business there wasn't any photography courses available. Which made it extremely difficult to learn about the ins and out to starting a photography business. A lot of photographers were not willing to share information. So everything I learned, I pretty much learned it all on my own with plenty of mistakes to follow!  

Thankfully, because of the times we're now living in and due to influx of individuals are taking what they know to the public to teach others; who're wanting to learn from them. We're now living in times where the things you've been wanting to learn or, the business you've been dreaming about starting can now become more of a reality like never before! Whatever it is you want to learn there's information practically every where online. Which means, you do not have to make the same mistakes as I did, and you'll be able to cut your learning curb in half! 

What Can I Expect To Learn Through Your Training?

We realize when individuals are first starting out in photography some may be at different levels and needs may vary from person to person. We have several programs to select from beginning with learning the manual settings on your camera, to editing images in Photoshop and Lightroom, starting a photography business, and taking your current photography business to the next level. We're here to break it all down to you in simple language, meet you exactly where you are, set goals in place for you, and assist you in accomplishing your dreams!

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