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We're a fully service photography studio. Our specialty is creating memorable photographs that'll look great on the walls of your home. Whether on the beach, or on-location, you can rely on our expertise to deliver you the finest portraits. 

In order to provide you with the best photographic experience, all of our scheduling is done over the telephone. We need to get as much information as possible regarding your desires, the personalties of everyone you're bringing to the portrait session.

Most importantly the big personalities of small children. With that in mind, it's necessary we take our time and work around your child's need, if applicable. 

Why You Should Hire BananaJam Photography and What Makes Us So Unique...

For starters, you need to know we'll never rush through your portrait session, nor do we schedule portrait sessions back to back. What that means, we only schedule one session per day depending on the type of session, particularly our family portrait sessions.

When your photographer schedules  multiple portrait sessions back to back, they're rushing through your portrait session to make sure they finish in time for their next session and before the sun goes does.

 This isn't fair to you, nor should it be tolerated for your photographer to rush through your portrait session and miss out on all the special emotions that could have been captured during your portrait session. 

Each portrait session we photograph is designed around our clients, what you envision for your portrait session, the type of shots you're wanting, to include walking you through the entire process from beginning to end.

Which bring us to another point, we not going to just schedule your portrait session and not discuss wardrobe and location. We firmly believe in what you wear on the day of your portrait session can have either a positive, or negative impact on the way your final photographs turn out.

We're passionate about the artwork we create and most of all the tears of joy our clients experience when viewing their photographs for the very first time. 

Each session is different, each family we photograph is unique. So based on the information you share with us, it's allows us to plan and focus specifically on you and your family. We put a lot of planning into each and every portrait session, versus getting you scheduled and just showing up without planning your portrait session.


If you're ONLY interested in digital files it's quite possible we may not be for you! 

?We specialize in creating family heirlooms. Providing families the opportunity a chance to enjoy their artwork that's created during their portrait session to be beautifully displayed in your homes. 

Custom Wall Designs

 We specialize in wall custom designs. You may want to walk through your home to see which walls you'll like to hang portraits from your session.

 It will be a good time to consider the color selections of your wardrobe to tie in with the rooms in your home you're thinking about hanging portraits on.

 Once you've decided on the walls in your home, all you need to do is take a photos of the walls with your cell phone and include the measurements of the walls.Once we receive the photos with the measurements, we'll create you a custom wall display and you'll have the opportunity to see what the walls in your home will look like way before your session.

You'll have the opportunity to see how portraits will look like on your walls way before your portrait session. You may email us the photos: or text 904-321-6532. Again, this is at no additional cost it's all included in the pre-planning of your portrait session! 

 I do realize there may come a time Facebook, or any of the social media outlets we have today may or may not be around. If I had to guess it will not be around forever and how will you retrieve all those beautiful photos?

 Considering the way technology continues to change and evolve. There’s a good chance all the social media outlets will not be around because of the way digital are viewed now will be obsolete.

The family heirloom is way more valuable than a cd or thumb drive of files. The thing is this, no matter what we do, or who we are in life, the dynamics of a family is always changing.

 One family member is here today and they’re gone tomorrow. Honestly, by handling your files right on over to your client, you’re doing them a disservice.

Today, people see digital files as an common object when hiring a photographer. Here’s the thing, if you were to go to your mom’s house, or your grandmother’s house you’ll see a lineage of family photos, family members that were here and have gone on.

Just by mom or grandma having those photographs there, you’re able reminisce through those photos together, she’ll have a moment, she’ll be able to take you back to that time, tell you a story about that day, or whatever the case may be. It will be memories cherished and it’ll give her comfort of being able to reserve such a memory during that time in her life.


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