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Get the Perfect Portrait of Your Child — One That’s Not Posed in an Unatural Way Against Ugly Backdrops!

You know your child better than anyone. You recognize his or her ‘real’ smile, and you also recognize his or her ‘fake’ smile. Other people can recognize the difference too. And that’s where we’re different. We don’t just pose your child and make them say ‘cheese’…

In fact, we don’t even recommend photographing your child in a studio either… We get the best portraits where children are the most comfortable, and that’s usually at a park they’re familiar with, your backyard, the beach or some other familiar place.

To get the best and most natural photographs, your child must be comfortable — and they aren’t usually comfortable in a studio setting with lots of bright lights and fake looking backdrops that EVERYONE seems to use.

That’s why we come to you… on-location, and at a place that’s convenient for you, and comfortable for your child.