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Why Custom Photography?

Hello … I’m an on-location, natural light photographer and from time to time;  I will do studio work depending on the session. For the most part, my studio shoots are usually reserved for fashion and beauty type shoots.

I’m in Fernandina Beach, FL and the surrounding areas.  I have a passion for working with children, families, high school seniors and fashion photography. I pride myself in being able to portray their personality and moods through the art of photography! I make every effort to offer my clients more than just a simple photography experience…

I offer luxury custom photography.

I want my clients to know that I aim to offer the best photographic experience that they’ve ever had. I like to call this Custom Photography. I define Custom Photography as encompassing the customer’s vision and ideas, as well as my own creative license.

Studios that you will find in department stores do not fit my definition of Custom Photography, as they are impersonal and do what their employees think will look good. Or, the photographer down the street that will charge you $100 and give you a CD of your images while sending you on your way. That is NOT custom photography.

For the most part, 9 times out of ten, the images you thought you wanted on a cd will never get printed.  Although, you may have every intention on getting the images printed, you never will. The value of the custom photography you paid for is no longer valid because the images are trapped on a cd, lost and often becomes a distant memory.

I strive to develop a relationship with you, as your business is valuable and I want you to be happy! You will notice that you are not just a “customer” to me that I consider important “at the moment.”

I will take the time to discuss with you what you have in mind, what you would like to see, and I will offer my input. It is ultimately your decision what you would like to see, and I love hearing your visions! I also pride myself on following up with you throughout the year, and keeping you “in the loop” with what’s going on with me!

I believe photography is an art. I believe capturing memories is an honor, and something that you will cherish for years to come.

That is why I work so hard to develop a relationship with you, understand your likes and dislikes, and work to incorporate your visions with mine.

When you decide to invest with me, you’re investing in a lifetime experience. From the very beginning you’ll notice a huge difference.

Prior to your photo session with me, you and I will sit down and discuss very important details like what you would like to see. For example, do you want your photo shoot to resemble a magazine shoot?

Or do you want it more candid? We will discuss what to wear, suggestions for your hair, makeup and color pallet, and what other accessories you will need to bring the day of your portrait session.

You will notice that I work very hard to get to know you, as I believe this will offer you the best experience for your portrait session.

Prior to the big day, I will give you a “Welcome Guide” that will provide details with what to wear and the things that you can do to make your session successful.

Your session is YOURS and your portrait session will be all about you! I want your photos to be unique and reflect your personality. If you are new to the area, we can discuss what you have in mind and I can give you a few locations to visit before making a decision. It is also an option to have more than one location, and if you choose that, I encourage you to change for each different location. Change your clothes, accessories, and possibly even your hair!

After the portrait session is complete, I will take the photographs back to my studio and edit them. I will provide you with a flawless complexion, bright colors, and stunning contrasts. I have been trained in the latest editing and constantly work to stay informed with the latest trends. Your photographs are sure to be all that you dreamed of and more! We strive for perfection and satisfaction.

Just as you would never buy a car without test-driving it, I would not expect you to book a portrait session with me without viewing some of my past works. Please visit my gallery online in order to see other pictures of happy, satisfied customers.

I have found that most photographers who hand over a CD and leave the creative design up to you, the client, hardly ever have their images printed! The client files that CD away and always says, “I’ll get them printed tomorrow.” What happens to those photos? They never get printed and in result, never get seen by the client’s loved ones! So heartbreaking! Those clients basically throw away their money and it becomes a distant memory.

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